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F7 is a professional, complete biometric identification device for both Access Control and staff Attendance Time Clock.This new good quality biometric console used for access control and employee attendance management. It can work either as standalone or by connecting to a computer PC (Windows). You don't have to attach it to a computer in order to use it, set it up or program it. It can support access control.
You can set the door to open at different time and by certain number of people. It will raise an alarm when someone tries to destroy it or wrongly close/open the door that violates the pre-programmed instructions in the console. It supports TCP/IP communication interface to connect to a computer PC. Will also connect to your router /switches / etc, so that any computer with privileged password can remotely change the setting in the console.

F7 Biometric Time Attendance Terminal

  • One fingerprint develop the whole world.
  • Employee Attendance Monitoring
  • Reduces time needed to verify attendance data
  • Improve punctuality. You will always know who is on time and who is late
  • No need to connect to PC , it will store 100,000 records in its Internal Memory
  • One-way alarm output :dismantlement alarm ,threaten alarm ,unlock illegally alarm,not block alarm.
  • Eliminates mistakes in calculating work hours and other human errors (manual re-entering, etc.)
  • Avoid "Buddy Punching". Fingerprint authentication makes virtually impossible to perform time theft.
  • Easy to install all the cable connection EM lock installation are the same to the traditional IC/ID Access control.
  • Adopt high reliable industrial component parts and optical sensor,watchdog monitor to avoid unit hang ,unique reset key keepsthe
  • unit well work.
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